Quality Policy

Only Heavy Metal Steel & Engg. Co is a ISO 9001-2013 Certified Company.

Quality is a core value of our company and we strive to incorporate it into all aspects of our business. We only import products made by well-respected manufacturers and suppliers. The products are also inspected at the manufacturer's location by our quality auditors. To ensure quality, these products are also tested at our facility. All employees adhere to strict quality standards. They make sure that the products meet international standards and codes.

Every stage of production, from the point of purchase of raw material to the delivery of final products, is checked for different chemical and mechanical properties with the equipment approved by the Government or its agencies.

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Static pressure
  • PMI for chemical confirmation
  • Severe vibration under impulse pressure

These tests are all certified by our Quality Management Systems and can be witnessed by clients and third parties. Our researchers and team ensure that products reach their clients meet international standards of quality and fulfill the functional requirements of different industries.